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After more than 100 years in operation Calamo continue to change and Adding Perfection to every detail.

Since 1918, we have processed and refined components in stainless steel in Molkom.

We specialize in electropolishing, pickling, cleaning and clean room treatment of tubes where we are world leading.

Our customers exists everywhere, often in extreme environments with specific demands.


We deliver to applications such as food, life science, automotive, paper and pulp, aerospace, medtech. All of which have high requirements when it comes to cleanliness, hygiene, washability, corrosion resistance and durability.


Our facilities allow us to meet the most varied and rigorous requests with the possibility to handle everything from pin-head sized components to constructions weighing several tonnes.


Our warehouse of 2000sqm enables us to make logistics easier, cut lead times and making sure products leaving Calamo are controlled and certified, creating comfort and consistency for our customers.

As we move towards a more sustainable future, our surface treatment specialists and chemists are constantly developing and refining surface treatment techniques making it possible to reach our ambitious environmental objectives.


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