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Calamo was founded in Molkom in 1918. We specialize in electro polishing, pickling, cleaning and clean room treatments of stainless steel tubes. We know a lot about electropolishing of stainless steel tubes, and for many years we’ve been considered the world leader.

In the beginning we focused on electropolishing for the nuclear industry. Later followed hospitals and the electronic and pharmaceutical industries.


Today we also deliver to many other applications and industries such as food manufacturers, life sciences, automotive, paper and pulp. All our customers have high requirements when it comes to cleanliness, washability, corrosion protection and durability.


We were the first European supplier of high-purity tubes and fittings. We were chosen to deliver products to the world’s largest manufacturer of microprocessors because of, among other things, our high quality, documentation and full traceability. Our chemists and specialists are continuously developing new solutions to help our customers face new challenges.

In our spacious and well-adapted facilities in Molkom, we manufacture stable and high-quality tubes and sub-contracting products.


Because we have our own warehouse, logistics is simplified, lead times are cut, and when the product leaves Calamo it is certified to offer our customers comfort and security.


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