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Research and development


Every day we work to improve our techniques and our production.


At our Research and Development department, our surface treatment specialists and chemists are constantly developing solutions to help you with your challenges. We have developed Europe’s most advanced technology and we have the greatest capacity for electropolishing of, for example, small components for surgery and medicine or large vessels and constructions.


Our research department works continuously to identify alternative chemicals and to increase the recycling of electrolytes and metals.


You can use our knowledge and work together with us to develop and improve your products. It can include anything from training or analysis to consultation.

In our new laboratory, you can let us take care of your samples and perform analysis of the surface, assess the technical properties and develop a surface treatment technique for your needs.


On Insights, our research department publishes useful posts on electropolishing, pickling and technology and on our Download page you can find interesting research reports and studies on the subject.


Adding Perfection is our mission. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.