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Tubes for heat exchangers

Electropolished seamless and welded tubes for heat exchangers.

Calamo manufactures and stocks electropolished seamless and welded tubes for heat exchangers for the manufacturing of WFI water, used in the pharmaceutical and biochemistry industries.


There are four advantages to using electropolished heat exchangers:

  1. Prevent bacterial growth on inner surfaces.
  2. Increased resistance to pitting corrosion.
  3. Improved surface smoothness.
  4. Prevents impurities and contamination on surfaces.

Five advantages to choosing Calamo for your heat exchanger tubes:

  1. We have a wide selection of tubes in stock at all times, which means short lead times and quick delivery.
  2. Lengths can be adjusted to your specific wishes and needs.
  3. We offer many different dimensions: a result of our vast network of suppliers.
  4. We offer a variety of surface demands for both electropolished and non-electropolished tubes.
  5. External electropolishing of full-length tubes is one of our specialities.