What Ra-value does electropolishing provide?

Electropolishing is an electrochemical treatment involving electrolyte and a direct current. The purpose of electropolishing is to make the surface smoother,  remove contamination and other defects from the surface. The very outer surface layer of 0.02 mm is dissolved during electro polishing.


The result is a smooth, homogenous surface free from contamination and defects. In perfect conditions, the Ra-value is halved after electro polishing. Though there are exceptions, for instance with lathed surfaces, where the Ra-value could even raised slightly but still having the other positive effects in place.


The purpose of electropolishing is, mostly, to create a surface that’s easier to clean, reduce the risk of adhesion and improve the corrosion resistance. It’s important to remember that the Ra-value is only one of several variables for a perfect surface.

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