How to get the best electropolishing result.

Electropolishing is a stable, yet sensitive, process. To get the best results, there are a few parameters to keep in mind.


The product to be electropolished

  • Before electropolishing, the product must be completely free from oil, grease, glue or anything that can block the current from “reaching” the product.
  • Electropolishing is about the surface, and damage from transport can happen both before and after electropolishing. It is therefore very important to take great care and consideration regarding transportation.


Preparations for optimal results

  • All products require special equipment. Drawings and descriptions at an early stage are critical to achieving an optimal result. They can be emailed to us as soon as possible.
  • Prior to electropolishing, the product commonly goes through a welding process. All welds should be free of welding oxides. We will gladly tell you more about this.
  • Rinsing is important in tight spaces like uprights and cut-throughs. Make sure there is at least 12 mm of space for rinsing after electropolishing.
  • Tight welding is not easy. If you do choose to use tight welding, you really have to make sure the weld is sealed. Pores in welding lets electrolyte in, and that will leak for a long time.
  • Since there are so many factors affecting electropolishing, it’s impossible to put a price on it. Please contact us and we will tell you more and leave an offer for your project.