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Tubes and fittings for high-purity gases

A complete system for high-purity gas systems

At Calamo we offer a complete selection of tubes and fittings for high-purity gas systems.


Our offerings include:

  • Electropolished and clean room treated PQE products for high-purity and corrosive gases.
  • Cleaned CQE products with defined surface demands, and cleaned CQ products.
  • Cleaned and sealed CQM products for hospitals in accordance with HB370.

Raw materials must meet our purchasing specifications, guaranteeing that the product meets all requirements. We have processes for checking the chemical analysis of the steel, tolerances, surfaces, markings, packaging and certificates on all incoming product. Everything is then registered in our ERP.


We adjust the surface treatment process for each product and document everything thoroughly. All steps of the process are checked, analysed and adjusted if needed. All employees follow our verified regulations. Our stock is located in our tempered warehouse. Depending on the product, the tubes are protected with nylon film, PE-plugs, and single or double PE-socks. The tubes are delivered in treated wood packaging materials approved for export.

The entire process, from incoming inspection to final delivery, takes place in our spacious and protected manufacturing plant. This means we have full control over product, process quality and lead times. Since we have many surface treatment facilities, we can handle sudden variations in demand and keep short lead times.


All products are certified in our ERP and are delivered with their own certification. Products, dimensions and detailed requirements can be found in the catalogue “Tubes and fittings for high-purity gases”.