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Tubes and fittings for medical gases for hospitals

At Calamo we offer a complete selection of tubes and fittings for medical gases.

This includes:

  • CQM Medical products with guaranteed hydrocarbon < 2,5 mg/m2.
  • Meeting requirements for HB 370 regarding transportation of medical gases, and ISO 7396-1.
  • Cleaned and treated in accordance with SP6-064 and dried with nitrogen gas from tank.
  • Analysis of hydrocarbon in accordance with SS-EN 723, combustion method.
  • The products meet Locum R3, guide lines Medical gases.
  • The products meet the requirements of ASTM G93, PED 97/23/EC and AFS 1994:4.
  • CQM-tubes are sealed with polyethylene plugs and packed in polyethylene bags.
  • Products, dimensions and detailed requirements can be found in the catalogue “Tubes and fittings for high-purity gases”

Purchasing of raw materials follows our purchasing specifications, guaranteeing that the product meets all requirements. We have processes for checking the chemical analysis of the steel, tolerances, surfaces, markings, packaging and certifications on all incoming products. Everything is then registered in our ERP, and manufacturing follows our processes.


Full control on quality and lead times

The entire process, from incoming inspection to final control, takes place in our spacious and protected manufacturing plant. This gives us full control over quality and lead times through the entire process. Because of our large machine park capacity, we can handle sudden variations in demand and keep short lead times.

All our products are certified in our ERP in accordance with EN 10204 3.1. All products have external markings. In addition, there’s a label on each bag with a connection to the certificate to make product handling easy and safe.

We are working towards cleaner and safer transports of medical gases for everyone. Through our commitment in one of SIS technical committees we contribute with our knowledge on stainless clean surfaces.