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Tubes and fittings for ultra-pure water and WFI

We have complete control over all our stainless steel tubes from arrival to delivery. We offer a complete selection of tubes and fittings for transporting liquids and high-purity water for the biochemistry and pharmaceutical industries. Most common are our electropolished PQB and ASME BPE SF4 products. The entire process of surface treatment, inspection and storage is done at Calamo.

  • Raw materials must meet our purchasing specifications, guaranteeing that the product meets all requirements.
  • We have processes for checking the chemical analysis of the steel, tolerances, surfaces, markings, packaging and certificates on all incoming product. Everything is then registered in our ERP.
  • The surface treatment process is adjusted for each product and is well-documented. All steps of the process are checked, analysed and adjusted if needed. All employees works according to documented work instructions.
  • Our warehouse offers our products storage and protection in dry and warm facilities.
  • Tubes are protected with nylon film, PE-plugs, and single PE-sleeves depending on product.
  • The tubes are delivered in special wood packaging materials approved for export.

Since the entire process from checking incoming product to final control takes place in our spacious and protected manufacturing plant, we have full control over the product, process quality and lead times. Thanks to our many surface treatment facilities we can handle sudden variations in demand and keep short lead times. All products are delivered with a certificate for easy tracking and matching with agreed-upon customer demands.